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Wills & Probate

We Offer Flexible Pricing & Ability

Our legal team who specialise in Wills & Probate offer a wide range of legal services on Wills, probate and estate administration.

Our flexible pricing and ability to offer services at fixed fees for preparing wills is an addition to our excellent client care and legal expertise in the field. We assist our clients making a Will as well as Estate Administration matters in case of a no valid Will.

The existence or absence of a Will can have huge impacts.   The Executor or Administrator is personally liable for administering the estate correctly.

Every Executor or Administrator can instruct a Solicitor of their choice to assist them with the Estate Administration and the legal fees are settled by the deceased’s Estate.

It is important to understand that your assets may not automatically pass onto your partner and, your unmarried partner has no automatic entitlement to your estate, your children may not be unintentionally disinherited and your family home may be sold.

Our Team Offers Services in

  • Making a Will
  • Interpreting the Will of the deceased in terms of estate laws
  • Advising executors and trustees in regard to their duties and rights
  • Identifying estate assets and liabilities
  • Obtaining valuations of estate property
  • Applying for Probate
  • Dealing with Estate Administration where the deceased dies ‘intestate’ – i.e. without leaving a Will
  • Family mediation and negotiation
  • Contesting wills and defending estate litigation

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