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Trademark Applications in the UK


Trademarks offer protection to the businesses to protect their goods or services. Having them registered before the Intellectual Property Office will give you the right to protect your brand as well as distinguishing it from the competitors in the market.

The trademark application process starts from the branding phase where it is essential to make sure your brand, which you will invest, money and time in it shall be unique. Once you decide on your branding, it is crucial to confirm that there is no previous registered trademark confusingly similar to your brand or any in use.

In order to register your trademark it is also important to define the goods or services you would like to have protection on.

The trademark registration process starts by application to the Intellectual Property Office. Then the Office does its ex-officio examination for the application to check if the application contains all the requirements. After the examination, the trademark application publishes in the Trademark Gazette for two months for third party oppositions to public. At this stage, if no any third party opposition is raised, two weeks after the publication ends, the trademark will be registered.

If there is any notice for third party opposition to the trademark application, we strongly recommend you to seek professional legal help for your future course of actions. Based on the third party’s rights, we would be happy to provide you a strategy for your trademark application. If you come across with a published trademark, which you believe violates your trademark rights, we strongly advise you to seek professional legal help also.

The application process from start till registration takes up to 4 months. However this may extend if there is a notice for third party oppositions.

Once your trademark is registered, the protection will last for 10 years and can be renewed 6 months prior to its expiry. The applications can be made online and there is still chance to apply for renewal within the six moths after the expiry. If you have a trademark, which is expired more than 6 months ago, we can still help you to restore your trademark also.

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