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Our Reputation Earned by Our Care

Paradigm Solicitors LLP’s team of immigration experts  have an excellent reputation for its work in Immigration and Nationality Law.

We have earned our reputation by our care for our clients, tenacity in protecting our clients’ interests and consistency of our high success rate.

We provide specialist advice and representation in all areas of Immigration and Nationality Law at all stages from initial application to appeal, administrative review and judicial review.

Our detailed representations setting out the applicable rules, policies and case law, and how you satisfy each and every relevant requirement ensures that your case has been put and explained carefully and in detail significantly increasing the prospects of your application being successful at the stage of initial application.

Specialist Advise in all areas

We provide specialist advice and representation to both sponsors and applicants.

We assist UK companies and educational establishments in applying for Sponsorship Licences and obtain Certificates of Sponsorship.

We assist individual applicants make applications for entry clearance, extension of leave to remain and indefinite leave to remain under the relevant categories of the Points-Based System.

We offer expert advice and excellent representation in applications in the categories of:

Tier 1 Investor, Entrepreneur, Graduate Entrepreneur, Exceptional Talent, General (closed to new applicants) and Post-Study Work (also closed to new applicants);

Tier 2 General, Intra Company Transfer, Ministers of Religion and Sportspeople;

Tier 4 General and

Tier 4 Child Students; and

Tier 5
Youth Mobility enabling young people from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Monaco and Taiwan to live and work in the UK for a period of two years, and

Tier 5 Temporary Workers for those sponsored by licensed UK employers to come to the UK on a temporary basis.

Spouses (Husband or Wife), Civil Partners, Unmarried Partners, Same-sex Partners, Fiancés, Fiancées, Children and Dependent Adult Relatives (e.g. parents, grandparents and dependent adult children) of British Citizens or of People who have Indefinite Leave to Remain.We help you reunite with your loved ones, knowing how stressful being separate from them can be.

The current immigration rules on this type of visa are complex, strict and difficult to follow. Unless all of the specified evidence is submitted in support of your application in the format specified by the immigration rules, your application will be refused. If your application is refused, it can take several months before your appeal will be heard by the Tribunal. Our immigration specialists can help you prepare your application in accordance with the requirements of the immigration rules.

Spouses (Husband or Wife), Civil Partners, Unmarried Partners, Same-sex Partners, Extended Family Members and Children of European Union Citizens. Compared to family members of British citizens, it is relatively easier for family members of EU citizens to obtain permission to enter and stay in the UK.

However, it is still very important to make the correct applications and submit all of the relevant supporting documents. Our immigration specialists will help you make a correct, complete and presentable application. We can help you apply for an EEA Family Permit, Residence Card or Permanent Residence Card.

We act in complex human rights cases within immigration law with a focus on Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the ECHR).

We assist clients, who have a Spouse (Husband or Wife), Civil Partner, Unmarried Partner, Same-sex Partner, Fiancé, Fiancée or Children who have British citizenship or indefinite leave to remain, in applying for leave to remain based on their right to respect for private and family life as protected under Article 8 of the ECHR.

With the constantly changing rules and developing case law, it is one of the most complex areas of immigration law. Such that success or failure of your application will very frequently depend upon the way in which your case is presented by your legal representative deploying the ever changing case law of the domestic courts as well as the European Court of Human Rights.

We have a wealth of expertise and experience of conducting human rights cases at every level from initial application to appeals to the Immigration Tribunal, judicial review applications previously to the High Court and now to the Upper Tribunal, appeals to the Court of Appeal and applications to the European Court of human Rights.

We strongly suggest that you consult one of our immigration experts, before making an application for leave to remain based on your private or family life.


Also known as Turkish ECAA or EC-Turkey Association Agreement, the Ankara Agreement confers important rights and immigration advantages on Turkish citizens who wish to establish themselves as self-employed persons in the UK. Our expertise and wealth of knowledge of the law and legal procedure on Ankara Agreement is second to none. Our knowledge is completely up-to-date, as we constantly follow the legal developments on the Home Office policies, UK case law and the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. We provide services to our clients in the UK as well as in Turkey.


Under Decision 1/80 of the Association Council established by the EC-Turkey Association Agreement known as the Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens can apply for an extension of stay in the UK as an employed person, after they complete one year’s legal employment with the same employer in the UK. If you are already in the UK on a visa with the right to work such as a spouse visa and student visa, and you have worked for the same employer for 12 months or more, we can help you extend your leave to remain as a Turkish Worker.

If you would like to study in the UK or you are already studying in the UK, we can help you apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa or extension of your current leave to remain. We have special discounts and flexible payment options for students

We provide advice and representation in all visitor visa applications including family, business, academic, student and special visitor visas.

We have a team of British Nationality and Citizenship experts, who can help you apply for British citizenship by naturalisation or registration.

If you have indefinite leave to remain or permanent residence in the UK, you may be able to apply for British citizenship by naturalisation.

If you have a child, who was born in the UK before you were granted indefinite leave to remain, and you now have it, they may be able to apply to register as a British citizen, even if you do not apply for British citizenship.

If you have a child who was born in the UK and has lived in the UK for 10 years or more, they may be able to apply for British citizenship, even if you do not have leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

If you have been in the UK for a very long time and you are a citizen of certain countries (e.g. former colonies of the Empire or Commonwealth countries), you may already have a form of British Nationality or British citizenship without realising it. Our team of British Citizenship and Nationality specialists can help you establish whether you are already a British National or Citizen.

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