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Civil litigation is the process of dispute resolution between individuals or companies through the court system. If you have a claim against an individual, company, local authority or government department, or you are defending a claim or threatened with a claim, our experienced civil litigation solicitors can provide you with specialist legal advice and representation. Our team of specialist civil litigation solicitors can represent you in your negotiations with your opponent, assist you in settling your dispute without going to court, prepare your claim or defence, and file your claim or defence at court. Whether you are the claimant or the defendant we will protect and promote your interests tirelessly and tenaciously.

We have a wealth of expertise & experience of conducting a wide range of civil litigation cases at every level from the County Court to the High Court & Court of Appeal.

The List of Civil Litigation Cases We Conduct

Business litigation

Commercial litigation


Breach of contract

Breach of copyright

Company related litigation including breach of ———director’s duties

Debt recovery


Landlord and Tenant Issues

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Building and property disputes

Employment Litigation including unfair ———dismissal

Boundary disputes

Disputes with Neighbours

Consumer Rights

Will & Inheritance Dispute

Divorce disputes

We strongly suggest that you consult one of our civil litigation experts, before making or defending a claim.